Wednesday, November 07, 2012

All Things Must End

And thus ends my winning streak of voting for the winning presidential candidate.  Every election since 1996 (for some reason I didn't vote in 1992 - bad citizen).  I knew it was a longshot for Romney to win, but I didn't think he'd lose every battleground state, but one (and pending Florida).  I also didn't think Romney would lose the popular vote by 2 million votes (at this point).  The two things I think hurt Romney the most were: 1) No Latino support and 2) Opposing the auto bailout.  #2 was a one time occurrence for the GOP, but #1 is a huge problem for them.

Here's to avoiding the fiscal cliff.  Cheers!


Anonymous said...

The loss of the hispanic vote was not good... I do not think people realized just how bad it would be... I know one hispanic that voted for Romney. Iread an article about how Romney was starved for $$ between races... it was said to win the GOP nomination cost Romney the white house... do you agree with that? Do you think Rubio would have garnered enough Hispanic votes to make a difference? If that is the case, the next VP candidate they select should be automatically thrown out... the last two did not work out too well.

PassTheChips said...

I don't think lack of money was the problem. The extended primary due to Santorum's surprising surge was teh problem. There are two pools of money. One for the primary and one for the general election. The general election fund cannot be touched until one becomes the nominee and Romney didn't become the presumptive nominee until long in to primary season.

I do agree that the Primary didn't help Romney. He had to go too far to the right to win. The country is changing. The far right is still large and loud, but they don't wield the power they did in the 80s and 90s.

I think Rubio could have helped with the Latino vote. I think he would also have hurt the ticket with independents because of some of his tea party views.