Wednesday, January 09, 2013

An email ...

from a good friend.

"Studies have shown that some tumors are caused by compulsive masturbation on business trips. And the growth of said tumors is heightened when said masturbation happens when a fancy leather belt is placed around your neck.

I heard that's the kind of tumor you have. Is that true? Let me know because I want to write about you on my blog.

Hope you're gonna live dude."

Some of you know him.  First one to guess correctly gets to name my tumor.


Parrish said...

Bubba? I name it "Not a Tumor?" pronounced in an Austrian accent.

It's Not Your Fault! said...

I have a guess, but it is not educated. M.S.?

Anonymous said...

Can we get multiple guesses?

We should name it prior to the scheduled eviction. The #$%@ER is coming out!