Monday, August 21, 2006


I ran my first 20 miler since April two days ago. Surprisingly, I was only a little sore, especially considering that I hadn't run long in three weeks due to the Arizona trip. I started out pretty conservatively running the first 10 miles around 8:20 pace. It always takes me about 6 miles to start feeling comfortable. Additionally, the out leg is uphill and on Saturday there was a headwind. The back leg I sped up and was running 7:20s, at least until the mile long hill that was mile 20.

I know, I know. It was just two years ago I ran a full marathon at 7:11 pace. I guess that's what running three days a week and trying to have a family life can do to your speed. I WILL hit a sub-3 hour marathon. Likely target is St. George 2007. But that will be the second most important race of 2007, as I will only be racing against myself. The most important race will be the St. George triathlon. Mav and JP must die.

Here are my target splits:

1500m swim - 25 minutes
40km bike - 22mph
10km run - 39 minutes

Let that last number sink in a little. Let me also say that although I think my first two numbers are realistic/slightly aggressive, my last number is most definitely conservative. How does it taste? The fear that is.


Anonymous said...

At least you're not taking the cowards way out by shooting for my crappy splits. My goal splits will be: Swim- 26 minutes, Bike- 22 mph, Run- under 8 min/mile. Let's see who comes closest to beating their goal time.

PTC said...

Your reply was not the one sought. This is a trash talking post. Continue.

BTW - I'd be ecstatic to hit your first two splits.

liz said...

I really like banana splits. Can we eat some after you are done with the race?