Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pressure Cooker

Can you feel it? The pressure to post is insufferable. All week long people have been emailing me and telling me that I must post. I'm not sure why as this has turned into one of the more dull blogs in the blogosphere. Ever since I moved from NY to the Bay area, my life has literally become more and more dull and it's been reflected in my posts. My latest hit entry is about a foam roller?? This is a problem.

I'm not one of those who didn't know what he had when he had it. I loved NY. Every minute. Even the nut jobs on the subway. I'm glad I'm not there right at this moment, as sitting next to a window unit A/C hoping to cool off to a pleasant 93 degrees sounds pretty terrible and being in the subway gives me nightmares thinking about it. The smell must be truly awful. Who knows what is cooking down there. However, overall, the flair that NY has is missing. Maybe we should move to the city? Maybe we should just accept the fact that we're suburbanites now. But I can't do that. It'd be like denying my inner Comic Book Guy. And that my friends is something I am not prepared to do.


I hope that this post releashes those who have been hounding me. Seriously people, this stuff just isn't that good.


Anonymous said...

Booo!!! Get off the freakin' stage or start talking about metally challenged inbred primates.

liz said...

remember when debra made shredded pork in the pressure cooker in long island for us?

that was the first time i had ever seen one. and last. i miss debra's cooking.

Anonymous said...

I miss the potato salad... Fuller style. That stuff is simply wonderful. A blend of perfection, clumpy, yet is satisfying.

Anonymous said...

It was beef... but it is all good.

The pressure cooker is just one of the many tools to bring 'meat' to a stand still.