Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rebel Yell

No, not Billy Idol, although if he lived in Walnut Creek, I would be pretty excited. Would I ask Billy to sing Rebel Yell or White Wedding?

Hey, little sister, what have you done
Hey, little sister, who's the only one...

I don't like quoting lyrics, as wasting space with unoriginal text seems wasteful. You know, because the internet might fill up. However, in this case, with me dancing around the office playing air guitar, and I play a pretty good air guitar, almost as good as Mo's, I will make an exception and quote Billy.

Wow, that is some terrible English.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the non-Billy Idol rebel yell. So I am pulling into the Walnut Creek BART station yesterday and I glance down (BART is on an elevated track) and I see a flagpole. Flying on this flagpole are two flags, the first one being the U.S. flag. The second one wasn't the California state flag. It was the Confederate battle flag. In Walnut Creek.


liz said... if i bought you that bass you wouldn't have to play and AIR guitar anymore!

rachael said...

I guess the Greys decided to retire to California. What would Robert E. think?

Anonymous said...

That is odd. How did the slime know how to operate the flag pole?

If the south had any sense (or foward thinking) back in 1863, the United States would not exist.

There was nothing technically wrong with that sentence. A bit long, but it was not inappropriate.