Tuesday, March 06, 2007

$370 Million

That's a lot of clams. Every news site has a headline on it. The radio personalities keep talking about what they would do with that much money. I'll admit, I'm not immune. That much money would be very nice and I can imagine many things I would do with it, not all of them frivolous. However, when it all comes down to it and as has been said by many others, "The lottery is a tax on the stupid." If you're going to gamble, play something with a little bit better odds, like craps or poker or insider trading. Not that I am encouraging gambling.


liz said...

what headline is talking about 370 clams? you would love to eat them all. jk

i would like to pretend the first 5 things on your list would be for your darling bride. but that might be pretty far from down after the sports cars you have in mind....

rakel said...
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rakel said...

But you are encouraging insider trading? Haha.

I love playing poker with you guys because you always let me keep my candy after I lose horribly.

P.S. "Candy" is code for "money". But don't tell the honor code office.

Nick said...

If I remember right, we finally stopped after 38 hours of driving from New York so that way you could win $18 at the craps table.

I owe all my success to you.

Kristy said...

It's nice to know you think I'm stupid!

PTC said...

The first two things on the list would be for you.

I would never "encourage" insider trading.

An 18% return in 20 minutes is pretty damn good. Considering I have never been negative at the end of an evening is something you should pay attention to.

I don't consider you stupid. 173,286,519:1 odds just aren't that good. States make a killing off of the lottery because people don't pay attention to the odds, only the money.

Anonymous said...

That was one of the most entertaining posts, if not the shortest!

I totally agree. I gave my father a spreadsheet print out of his lottery winnings to date based on some rough estimates.

He would have just fewer than 15K, if he never bought a single ticket and just put the money into a money market account.

That calculation was completed over 16 years ago when I was in high school. (15 bucks times three times a week times 52 weeks adds up quickly!) To my knowledge nothing has changed in his choices to play, except I have shut up about it and prayed for him. (Not that I would stand to benefit... not at all!)

There is a myth that the lottery winners end up in utopia. I have read more than one article and viewed at least three programs where lottery winners find nothing but problems in utopia. Imagine everyone you ever knew or anyone that knew someone that knew you... all having their hand out. That is no picnic... I am sure. Let's not forget charities or every person with an idea to save humanity.... your personal freedom would be changed forever and you will end up asking for your old life back! Who am I kidding... bring on that problem... I would be the one to fix it. ;)

Bubba said...

The lottery didn't seem to work out so well for Hurley


But then again, nothing ever gets resolved on that show so who cares.

liz said...

would those two things be enlarging #1 and then #2?

tee hee

Minnesota Meger said...

I have won $8 on the lottery out of a $4 investment. Not so bad.

If I had a lazer pointer, I'd aim it at your junk.