Friday, March 02, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

Not every book I read is about history, war, politics, and economics. I do have my guilty pleasures. Stephen King's Dark Tower Series is one of those. I had read books 1 through 4 many years ago and at Christmas, when I received a Barnes & Noble gift card, I decided not to add to my non-fiction library, but to add to my science fiction library and bought the last three books of the Dark Tower. I started reading Wolves of the Calla two days ago and am now about half way through it. I'm not going to summarize it because if you haven't read books 1 through 4, you'd be completely lost. It's a very good read. The series is unlike most of King's writing. When I read book 1, The Gunslinger, I was immediately hooked. There's a broad theme of showing humanity how tiny we really are that resonates with me. That and all of the gun play of course. Although if you start at book 1, know that it is the slowest of the books in terms of action. When King wrote it originally as a short story, I'm not sure he meant for it to become what it has become.


liz said...

i like to hear about the books you read. somehow i think it makes me feel less guilty about not reading. like you doing enough reading for the entire family.

thanks. glad we liked this one. can't wait for 'us' to read the next one in the series. be sure to post about it, too.

Anonymous said...

I was tired of seeing The House of Morgan... when I knew full well that book already had a coat of dust on it. (No play on cleaning... just a figure of speech!)

I started reading some longer books to Novatana... and I will be taking Mike's lead (or should I say his parents lead) about introducing really cool books to my kids. I will never forget our conversation outside a movie theater in Brooklyn, where I just soaked up how passionate you were regarding reading. Trust me... it was not a date and I can't believe I used passionate describing a time we spent together at a movie.... Moving on... nothing against my parents... but if they knew the LOTR or any other science fiction set was out there... I would have read them over and over and established a love for reading. For me, reading is not a pleasure spot... I hope it will become one through my children. After all, how else will I be able to discuss the concepts and plots together at the dinner table?

I withdraw many things from our relationship account “so to speak” and it is your unique view points that certainly intrigue me! It is so obvious how it comes from your being so well read on a host of topics… it shows!