Sunday, March 11, 2007


The five of us training for the SLC Marathon, plus three others, went for a 20 miler on Saturday. We met in Orinda, ran 3 miles to Briones Reservoir, ran the 14 miles around it, then ran the 3 miles back. You'll notice a sudden drop in elevation right before mile 16 and that my total mileage on my watch was only 18. Both were due to me forgetting to turn my watch back on as I was waiting for some other runners to catch up.

The run was inspiring, as any run that has the climbs that this run has should. I think that going forward I am going to incorporate two 20 mile hill runs into my training schedule. The current schedule has five 20s and two 22s, but it is all on flat ground. I have a feeling that having two of my 20s be on runs like this can only help.


liz said...

i can't read half of your post- the graph is covering it (?)

lisapow said...

Good LUCK!!