Thursday, March 08, 2007

Market Research

Apparently I don't know my audience very well. Maybe I should put some of my marketing knowledge to work here.

Market Potential - about 2 billion

Current Market Share - .0000000000000000000000095%

Market Concentration - we'll go with geographical concentration - primarily a 15 square mile area in the East Valley with a few outliers

Market Demand - almost 0

Elasticity of Demand - well, since this is a free site, we can't really measure it, but let's assume that my content is so good that it's about .2

Here's where it gets fun:

Market Segment - if you simply looked at my posts, you would assume that I am targeting runners and readers (although really, who am I kidding, my real target audience is myself)

However, if we measure how well my content is received by the number of comments that each particular post receives, we can plainly see that my content needs to change if I want to drive up my readership.

Popular culture appears the way to go. Running, gone. Reading, gone. The Lottery, stays. WoW, not sure yet. 8.5 million current subscribers can't be all wrong. Stay tuned for my next post about the Anna Nicole mystery, to be followed by my post on Tom Cruise's bizarre love triangle that involves a donkey.

This change in strategy should increase my comments, drive up my earnings, and give me an overall boost in self-esteem. I probably should have caught on to this trend a long time ago, but you know me, I'm a little stubborn, prone to delusions of my own self-importance, and basically not too bright. Thank you all for this revelation. I didn't even need to fast to receive it. It would have helped if someone had told me this 25 months ago when I started this thing. I could have been living off of this site by now.


beka said...

I can't wait until your post on Britney Spears!

Jenni said...

It's all about frequency, dude. If readers check your blog, say every other day and the same post sits that has been there all month, they are more likely to move on and move your blog to the bottom of their favorites list. I can see that I need to check more often now that you have come out of your slump. Maybe you'll be the next to the last on my list now with Ben Blair in complete, dead last spot.