Monday, April 25, 2005


Recovering from a marathon is full-time fun. In addition to Boston Creams, there is non-stop soda, non-stop candy (Jelly Belly jellybeans and white chocolate truffles), and mint 'n chip ice cream. It's like Christmas, but better because I'm not training for anything.

For two weeks, I will do nothing but eat and do nothing. Yesterday, I even played a game on my Xbox, something that I have not done in months. Saturday, I watched the NFL Draft live for five and a half hours. All done while enjoying all of the things I deprive myself of 48 weeks out of the year.

One week left. I'm going to make it count.


liz said...

I like this picture much better than your rotting foot.
thanks for updating.

Anonymous said...

i love jelly belly jelly beans. my favorite flavor is juicy pear. i also like dr. pepper flavor. i would recommend the sour ones. if you like sour candy.

on another note, i bet you liz loves having you watch tv for 5 and a half hours.