Friday, April 01, 2005


Get this smell out of my nose. Now please.

I went for a swim this morning. I finally gave in and accepted that I'm running a marathon and I can't totally veg out even if I can't run. I swam a mile. 800 warm up and then eight 100 repeats. It felt good. The lanes were a little narrow, so it made passing people a little difficult, but once people realized that I swim like a fish, they would just get out of my way, which was courteous and appreciated. No 2mph treadmill walkers at this gym. And no, I refuse to wear a speedo. I figured out long ago that that is just too much Mike for the public to handle.

My body feels nice and tight, as it always does after a good swim. I haven't swam in about seven months and I forgot how good swimming makes me feel overall. I should incorporate it more into my marathon training. I probably won't though. Being the hardcore runner and all.

However, what I can't stand is this chlorine pool smell stuck in my nose. I sure hope I don't smell like this. It's a revolting smell. Make it go away. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

So forcing you to take swim lessons and join a city swim team finally payed off! (By the way, is it possible that your body is more built for swimming than long distance running?) Love, Mom

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