Thursday, April 07, 2005


To all my gay readers: 335 Madison Avenue = a Bally's Sports Club where apparently management doesn't care if guys shower together.

So I went to the gym yesterday for my swim. It went well. There was someone there that was slightly faster than me. I had to struggle to prevent him from lapping me. It was a good workout. After my swim, I went over to the shallow area of the pool and water jogged for about ten minutes. Back and forth, back and forth. I stopped once I realized that I was irritating the bottoms of my toes. Don't need any blisters on top of everything else.

After I left the pool, I went to take a shower and to try to get as much of the nasty chlorine smell off of me as I could. Well, about midway through my shower, I felt like somebody was watching me. The shower walls are about five feet tall. So I turned around and there was this dude, peering over the wall from the stall next to mine. Just two beady eyes staring. I'm not sure if it was an invitation or if he was just admiring the view. I didn't ask. As I quickly left the shower, I noticed one other detail. There was another guy in the stall with Mr. Beady Eyes.

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