Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Recovery is tough, especially when you just want to do what you love. In my case, run. I'm still not running, just swimming. Yes, the chlorine is still way too strong. I thought about running on Saturday, but then it was raining the entire day. I told myself I'd run Monday. However, I didn't. The reason I didn't was because on Saturday, I went to see Downfall, which by the way was a spectacular film. Warning: It's a German film with English subtitles. Bruno Ganz's portrayl of Hitler's last ten days was fascinating. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, because it was raining and because I hadn't brought an umbrella, I ran from my car to the theatre. 200 yards max. Ouch. My ITBs didn't hurt, but my hamstrings sure did. Again, running 26.2 miles after running only four or five times in the six weeks leading up to the race is going to be a very interesting experience.

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