Friday, March 25, 2005

Damaged Goods

My right leg looks the same. This is what happens when you're a runner, you're injured, and you'll do anything to stay on your feet so you can run the grand-daddy of them all, Boston.

Yesterday, I went to one of my doctors. He has many stainless steel instruments of torture. One of them looks like a bicycle handlebar. He proceeded to dig this handlebar into the side of each of my legs. So much so that I could hear and feel it grinding into my bones. Yes, a small tear escaped my right eye. Liz almost cried when I showed her.

The theory is that by bruising the injured part of the body, that it will activate the healing process, thereby healing the original injury as well. It worked for me last fall. Whatever, I'm desperate at this point.


deleted said...

Your legs are probably driving the middle aged women of America crazy.=)

Carol said...

that seems nuts! What kind of doctor is he? naturopath or regular? Anyway, I admire your tenacity. Good luck at Boston. I now have two kids and my marathoning days seem behind me, but I am thinking in the next year to pick it pack up (training), but now I'm almost I too late??