Friday, March 18, 2005


It's been a while. Here's the first of many pictures that I'll be sharing of our little Florida jaunt. Short story - we had a great time with our good friends and exceptional hosts the Wheelers. BBQ, Florida discounts at Disney, poker with one of the more entertaining Long Islanders I've ever met, all you can eat bacon, and of course El Tornado and Little D. It was a very good week. Now I just need to catch up on my sleep. A vacation from my vacation. I'll post more pics and tell more mini-stories in the coming days.

Now, back to our regular programming, running. I ran once. My leg is still very very sore. I have a race tomorrow, the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon. How I fare there will determine how I approach the remainder of my training. Whether I just get through it or put in some serious miles. My thinking today is that I'm just going to have to get through it. I need some serious time off. Bad news for my weight, good news for my sleep time.

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