Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Man Winter

It's March 4th. It's 15 degrees and it's snowed three times in the past week. I didn't come to New York to trudge through the snow on my way to the train platform. (I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the MTA for raising the fares by 11%. $230 a month to freeze out on the platform. What am I doing here again??)

I've tried everything to appease the weather gods. I've said nice things about them. I've offered oranges to my butsudan. I've donated more to my church. I even attended a Wiccan ceremony in Bronx River Park. To no avail.

So, this is supposed to be about running or humorous pictures on the subway. I saw some interesting things on the subway earlier in the week, but my camera phone just wasn't quick enough. I won't describe the sights because I'm sure I'll see them again. And I can't talk about running because guess what? I'm still not running. And Chris, I will never join the dark side and become a cyclist. Daredevil motorcyclist maybe, but cyclist with spandex everything and funny shades, no way.

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