Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another One

The Economist endorses Obama. Palin continues to be a dealbreaker for many on the center/right.


Anonymous said...

~LA Times

~ B.O.


This is a riddle.

Yes, I am bringing up Character again.
(Sorry - to be beating this drum again, but Obama's associations are more threatening than McCain's potential disfunction.)

We can all agree that both wind bags are going to execute with some level of disfunction.

(I will not have to worry about McCain's agenda. It is out there... in the open... with a full level of incredulity and skepticism. It is not covered up.)

Obama's is getting help in many small ways. I ask this question regarding my riggle... why not just release the video. Let me decide?

America is turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the change man. You cannot change your associations. You really cannot change who you are.

PassTheChips said...

I know. It's insane. We have a Chinese made, jihadist, America-hating, android about to become president!

Bubba the Hutt said...

I don't trust androids, I'm sure you've seen the movie Alien. They just can't be trusted.

Not a big fan of Skynet either.