Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not So Doomy

An Op-Ed from a UCLA professor in the WSJ.

Immigration will save us. I thought I said that a couple of years ago.


John said...

We have had several families from India move into our neighborhood. Nice homes too. And no Bubba, they do not work at the Quickie Mart.

Bubba the Hutt said...

John, are you implying that people that work at Quickie Marts can't own nice homes? Come on, this is America. Everyone is be able to buy nice homes, regardless of income or credit worthiness. Just tack on a little higher interest rate, that makes it all better.

Oh, you're going to state your income instead of proving how much you make? Okay, but we'll have to increase your interest rate by .25%. What, no down payment? That'll cost you another .25%, but don't worry, we'll wrap it all up in an adjustable mortgage that will allow you to be able to flip this house in no time because as Frank Raines said, this is a "risk less" investment.

John said...

I just meant that Indians do more than work at the Quickie Mart.

Thank you very much. Come again.

PassTheChips said...

Ask them to make you gulab jamun aka sweet milky balls. If it's good, you can be their friend and I might come to visit you.

John said...

If you come and visist, I can promise you sweet milky balls.