Saturday, October 04, 2008

We Are All Socialists Now?

Or just socialism for the rich yet again?

I'm proud that my Congressman voted against this travesty.


Bubba said...

From your article:
One student listened to Mr. Dellinger briefly and responded: "Socialism is completely antithetical to human rights." Then he walked away.

"He should study the history of socialism," Mr. Dellinger said.

Seriously? "He should study the history"? What, like the Chinese's "Great Leap Forward"? That didn't exactly work out. What that student said was exactly right about the history of socialism.

PassTheChips said...

Let's not confuse socialism, communism, and dictatorships disguised as socialism.

Bubba the Hutt said...

True, there is a difference between a truly socialist society and communism (usually the difference is made with, as you pointed out, a dictator). The difference between the two is that with communism the dictator can enforce the socialist principles, regardless of what the individual wants, but the principles for the two systems are still very similar.