Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fed Beige Book

The October Report.

High Lights
- International travellers continue to increase. Yea, Minnesota. It's awesome!
- Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis are offering higher incentives on automobile purchases. What? My worthless credit score is actually worthless?
- Kansas City and Chicago are still buying heavy machinery. With what? BBQ and nasty ass pizza?
- Consulting firms experienced reduced demand. Shit.
- Credit conditions are creating a heightened sense of concern about the economy. I need the Fed to tell me this??
- The prices of homes are declining and the supply is increasing. WTF??
- Businesses report difficulty in obtaining credit. How much did generating this report cost exactly? I'd like to undercut them by 50%. I'll have the next report ready by tonight.
- Conditions for energy and mining are positive. Is that why the Exxon guy down the street has three new cars and a boat?
- Higher retail prices are expected over the next few months. Merry Christmas to you too!


Anonymous said...

Great article... The commentary was the best part.

liz said...

yikes, not used to potty mouth mike. where did he come from?

add that to your report.

John said...

International travel in MN is up? Must be my new neighbors family that seems to visit each weekend.