Monday, October 06, 2008


Holy Florida Batman! and a Transformed Election.

Talk about one of the worst three week stretches in American political history.


John said...

McCain has to have Florida. Who knows what wildcard the Republicans still have to play against Obama, but I'm suprised that Obama hasn't talked about McCain as one of the Keating 5 more. Especially in light of the economy. Maybe he's just sitting on it until the right time knowing that some accusations are still yet to fly.

Bubba the Hutt said...

I heard Obama just posted a 13 minute video on his website regarding McCain and the Keating 5. The recent Obama bashing by the McCain camp is a bold move because on one side it looks like desperate mud slinging, but at the same time it's forcing the media to cover (in detail) these allegations.

I remember hearing a few months ago that the Republicans had a video of a Michelle ripping on the US, and they were waiting until close to the election to release it. Maybe that's the wildcard, and they're building up to it by attacking Obama's associations, painting him as un-American...?

PassTheChips said...

I don't think the un-American thing is going to work. The only way for Obama to lose this is for him to screw up. And for people to forget that Palin is McCain's running mate.