Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Collection

Of thoughts from conservative bloggers on last night's debate.

The writing is on the wall.


Anonymous said...

After your thanks for nothing statement... I actually watched the latest debate thinking you might call.

My word... was disappointed, but not surprised. Nobody can give a straight answer. Neither candidate seemed concern with the audience present... I was actually shocked to see how B.O. sounded almost stuck up... remind me again... 10 years ago... who was B.O.?

I think McCain did exactly what he needed to do... tell people about his record. A Presidential candidate is all about their record. McCain is the only candidate with a record time tested.

B.O. will probably be our next President... so many people are drinking the Kool Aid... it is amazing the number of DUI's have not sky rocketed. Seriously... simply the American people are "change" drunk!!

My only saving grace is we all know... short of a war... a President will take time to execute their plan and will conform in some degree to the strength of their cabinet and bipartisan Congress. B.O. will smell a whole lot better in 9 months... but his plan (and I read it) is so freaking scary...

- Withdrawal from Iraq (huge mistake... finish the F'ing fight DO NOT let those soldiers die in vain. So it takes another 10 years to correct W's mistake... let the course run it own time. Cutting loses does not account of American blood already spilt. Tell that to some family... Trust me the wake of the Bush's failure... will endure an exact toll on his legacy. "The Bush Years. The Worst in THIS American Century" will be the title.)

- Taxation without representation - a democratic philosophy of change that will take even more of the money I don't have away.

I need B.O. like I need Right Guard!

PassTheChips said...

A record that includes doubling the national debt (a tax on our future), deregulation (see the current mess), and getting us into Iraq in the first place? Have you seen his latest mortgage plan? Nationalize the banks, but give the money to the bank managers and shareholders. That's not conservatism.

Regardless, both candidates' plans are out the window at this point. It's a vote on intellect, judgment, and temperament.