Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe The Rich Freaking Plumber

I chose the wrong profession. A plumber makes more than $250K? Are you kidding me?

Great debate. If I was only listening, I would give it to McCain, especially the first 30 minutes. The Senator was a bulldog. Unfortunately this is television. McCain's pallor and grimacing reminded me of Nixon in 1960.

"I am not President Bush." was a great line from McCain.

Energy, education, and judges brought it back into Obama's court. Obama had a better closing.

The one issue that I completely disagree with Obama on is abortion. It's troubling.

Neither choice is perfect. Both pass the intellect test, although Obama has the edge here. Obama clearly wins the temperament test. Judgment. The key issue for me is Palin. Lest he die, lest he die, lest he die. Unacceptable.

The Final Debate -

Is he really a plumber?


Rachael said...

I think I turned off the television when McCain repeated for the fifth time how Palin understands autism and raising special needs children better than anyone.

Bubba the Hutt said...

Are you talking about abortion or his opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act?

I thought that if McCain really wanted make waves he should've explained what exactly was happening (mothers inducing their babies pre-term in the hopes that the delivery would kill the child, but in some cases the baby survived, in which case the medical staff would take the baby and put it on a shelf in the medical waste closet to die). Some times the baby would die in a minute, other times they would live for an hour, laying on a shelf in the medical waste closet. Obama opposed the passage of this bill designed to mandate life-saving medical care to these babies.

Save your “Hippocratic oath” speech for Dr. Kevorkian.

PassTheChips said...


Anonymous said...

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